Hannaliisa Johnson


The future is different and it's here. We urban people are drivers for behavioural change. Even those of us who grew up in a consumerism reality emphasizing health and wealth as a product, typically a fossil fuel based product. We change makers come in multiplying numbers. Citizens and consumers - we and the next ones following us - lack systems, practices, channels, paths, tools, methods, services and products as huge and tiny everyday actions in order to implement the future. Professionals are needed to lead the way in funnels, open up the bottlenecks and breakthrough to a resource optimizing era. I'm one of them. Welcome to my professional momentum.


For the past twenty and so years I've been working for and with stakeholders needed in making a difference in the world.  I've been reaching results across the public and private sectors nationally and internationally, in teams and independently, corporate and startup, research and practice, product and service, problem and solution, material and immaterial, from MVP to a total ecosystem, clean office - dirty street, failure and success both.

All of it shaping my international skillset and mindset to cut the future free from lousy economic, environmental, societal and cultural outcomes. I'm one in a team of those who work hard for an ecologically sound, safe and better functioning world. Sometimes a leader, other times a team member. I thrive from user-centric city design practices and utilize technology, AI and platforms for the benefit of people and planet. With many others, I place my professional actions as components for impactful ecosystems.






City design

Sustainable solutions




User driven ecosystems

Platform economy


Pilot projects, user tests

Commercialization, launching

Operations, optimization


Project management

Project leadership

R&D, co-innovation projects


Co-design workshops

MVPs and use cases

UX, CX, customer journeys


Sustainable marketplace fit

Scaling and leveraging





"We were pleased how the Big Themes global market initiatives succeeded and were implemented. H.J. operated as the responsible service provider,an international business network leader,

in the case and reported directly to me."

Rauli Hulkkonen


Business Finland, former Tekes


 "H.J. converted prospective leads into profitable clients. Also, she won a public tender in a highly competitive procurement involving multinational consultancies such as PwC. We valued her independent yet team spirited way of working.

Marit Tuominen


Profict Partners Ltd.

"Without H.J. the collaboration projects wouldn't succeeded. She got the ball rolling and managed the collaboration outstandingly after convincing the VP of Philips as a client."

Bas Zeper


Business Unit at the Philips Electronics

"H.J. proved to be an innovative and creative project leader who led by example."


 Zeenath Hasan

Design Researcher

Team member, commercially focused design team at the Aalto University/Design Research Unit, former UIAH


"H.J has a rare ability to think big, create large scale value networks and connect unseen domains and opportunities with each other. She proceeds her projects intensively and keeps every member and partner equally informed." 


Kalle Toiskallio

Dr.Soc.Sci., Entrepreneur and Research team member at the Aalto University

Co-founder and core team member at Zeamly Ltd.


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